Are You Ready to Take Action on Your Life?

As a serial overachiever and millennial, I firmly believe in having a great mentor. In the past two years, I've tripled my income and became a successful digital marketing consultant for over 400 small to mid-sized business owners. Like many who have found themselves feeling stuck and inadequate, I've worked hard to build my own wedding business and I'm ready to share my mindset and strategies with you. 

I still very much enjoy being a part of the corporate world but my mission is to help as many millennials as possible reach new levels of success in their relationships, life, career, and business. Now is the perfect time to unleash yourself from whatever it is that's holding you down. The boss you hate. The job you're dreading. The partner who's not treating you well. Your parents' expectations. Why? Because you deserve it and I'm going to help you.

Now the question is, "Should't I be mentored by someone who is older, wiser and specialized in my field?" The answer is no. Why would you want to look, sound and act the same way as everyone else.

We might be the perfect fit for each other if you are looking for these 3 things...


1) You want to talk to somebody who actually understands and has been through what you've been through. 

I've been broke with a little under $1000 in my checking account. I had my heart broken and was desensitized to the idea of falling in love for three years. I've been mistreated by my boss, severely underpaid and gained 15 pounds while I was in college. 

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2) You want to get quick, concise answers and strategies to the questions and challenges that are keeping you from moving forward with your life

As a daughter of an immigrant and the first generation in my family to attend a private university, I have lived under the glare of having my being and dreams scrutinized from those who couldn't understand them. 

I've dished out a lot of personal stories on my blog and it often comes back to the same place - follow that voice in your head, honor yourself and trust the journey. 

But let's face it, each of us knows what is best for us, but sometimes all we need is a little push from someone who has already conquered these problems.

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3) You are seeking for effective results whether it be increasing your revenue stream, starting your side hustle or expanding your mindset

There are 3 things I value: Your time, your money and your energy.  Too often, people are overly dependent on their romantic partners or their friends when it comes to making solid life decisions. 

As your consultant, I firmly believe in reverse-engineering everything that's not feeding your bottom line. We'll talk about automation, structure, time management and productivity.

Let's try to find a way to break through this invisible ceiling you've been facing. 

Now I want to be able to communicate complex ideas in simple ways that I know will make a difference in your life. The reason why I get it because I've lived it. Whether you are looking to change the course of your career or your current relationship status, or you want to recenter and connect with yourself again so you can live a happier, more fulfilling life, I will take you there.

How happy would you be if you were living your best life right now instead of waiting until you have that perfect life and career? One conscious choice is all it takes to change the direction of your life — the good thing is that I'm going to be with you on your journey. 

My private 1-on-1 coaching and mentorship program is customized for you and only you. And our first breakthrough session is FREE. All of our communication will be held via Skype, FaceTime or your old-school telephone calls. You will have my unparalleled support and attention so please complete the simple questionnaire and schedule your session.  During our consultation, I'll assess what would be the best fit for you and how we can get started ASAP.

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