The A's to Your Q's: 


I put together some commonly asked questions from my previous clients for you.

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WHEN DOES THE WEDDING PLANNING PROCESS BEGIN FOR US? On average, most of my couples book my services 9 months to a year out from their desired wedding date because they already know the value of having a wedding coordinator and want to ensure that I still have availability. Our actual wedding management process will begin four to six weeks out, dependent on the package you’ve selected. You'll have full access to seating arrangements, vendor list, and timeline tools that will be invaluable to you.


- Our Appointments: Please be timely. If you cannot make these appointments, do give me a 24-hour notice. For instance, if you are 10 minutes late to our venue walk-through, our meeting is still set to end within the scheduled time-frame.
- Random calls/text messages: I am a software project manager by day so I, unfortunately, cannot pick up client calls if they are not scheduled beforehand. My office hours are from Monday - Thursday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Any communication received after those hours will be replied the following business day. P.S.I like all of our planning to be streamlined to one avenue: Email is King.

OH MY GOODNESS. I FORGOT TO BUY SHARPIES AND PENS FOR THE GUESTBOOK TABLE. WILL YOU RUN ERRANDS FOR ME OR RETRIEVE FORGOTTEN ITEMS FROM MY HOUSE? I’ll always have your back but if I’m out running last minute errands, I won’t have enough time to manage event set up, put final details in place, advise on last minute etiquette questions, and combat any potential disasters ready to strike effectively long distance from Target.

WHAT IS CONSIDERED OUT-OF-SCOPE? Designing and styling your event, returning your tux rental, finishing up your last-minute DIY projects, moving ceremony chairs, determining the seating assignment, looking after drunk guests, transporting your personal items, babysitting, selecting your officiant (this is an extremely personal decision), and so forth.

CAN YOU CUT AND SERVE MY WEDDING CAKE FOR ME? I cannot. Unfortunately, I don’t have a catering license that will cover for me if your guests fall ill from eating the wedding cake. However, I will make sure that the cake table is stocked with serving supplies before the cake cutting ceremony and confirm with your cater if the servings are served or saved.

ARE YOU RESPONSIBLE FOR CLEANING UP MY RECEPTION VENUE? What your venue handles internally as well as what they expect you to have taken care of by other vendors will vary and is always spelled out in your contract with them. Major event strike items such as breaking down chairs and tables or sweeping/mopping are never a coordinator's responsibility and generally fall under the venue or rental staff. It’s important that you share with me a cope of the venue code of conduct, if applicable. At the end of the night, I will help facilitate and pack up decor pieces and make sure that the tear down is organized and that nothing is forgotten.

CAN YOU BRING MY GIFTS HOME FOR ME AND I’LL PICK IT UP THE NEXT DAY? I’ll definitely double check the bridal suite and ensure that nothing important is left unaccounted for. I’ll even hold the doors for your designated gift transporter while they load, and even unlock their car for them while their hands are full. Although I’ve never dropped or mishandled a gift, I want to ensure that the important items are in safe hands.

CAN YOU TALK TO MY MOM BECAUSE WE'RE NOT SEEING EYE-TO-EYE? Sometimes it's the people that are closest to us that have the best intentions and yet somehow causes the most stress during this time. Emotions are heightened. You want things one way but your parents want things another. It's important to set proper expectations from the beginning. Pro Tip: Meet with your parents and your future-in-laws and ask them what they care about and list those items down. Start assigning them roles proactively so they feel like they are a part of the process. When you have these hard conversations earlier on, it gives you more time to mitigate and compromise. I can definitely be able to give you more tips on how to handle these situations; however, out of respect for your parents and for you, I'd prefer to take steps back, look at the bigger picture, give you my honest feedback base on my experience but at the end of the day, it's your wedding day. Let me know earlier on about any unique family dynamics so we can address it together.


WHERE ARE YOU BASED? I am a Southern California-based gal living in a charming town of Little Saigon (Garden Grove). I also service clients in the Bay Area, domestically and internationally.

THREE WORDS TO DESCRIBE YOUR MC-STYLE? Agile. Grace. Flair. Multicultural weddings have an extra layer of cultural complexity so you’ll need a vendor who can talk the talk and walk the walk.

WHAT'S AN IDEAL TIME TO REACH OUT TO YOU? As soon as possible. I have limited bookings left for 2019 and currently booking into the end of 2020. Sadly, I cannot reserve your wedding date without finalizing the deposit and contract. Holding a proper consultation is extremely important since I want to get to know you and I hope you feel the same.

HOW MUCH ARE YOUR SERVICES? My package is reflective of my experience in the event industry as well as a testament to the quality of experience that I provide to every couple I serviced. I offer the highest level of expertise and professionalism to guide you throughout your journey. My package varies depending on the degree of detail, which includes but not limited to: number of guests, event length, time of the year, and what is selected within each category. Currently, I do not offer the same flat rate for clients. All final quotes are given after your consultation.

ARE YOU A WEDDING PLANNER AS WELL? Unfortunately, at this moment time, I only offer wedding coordination packages. The biggest difference? A full-service wedding planner is responsible for everything from beginning to end. A planner is in charge of the overall design and vision of your wedding, keeping the couples within their budgets, contract negotiations, the hiring of vendors, as well as the execution of the event.

WHAT IS THE MINIMUM AMOUNT OF TIME I CAN BOOK YOU FOR? For my emcee services, you will need to book me for at least 4 hours.

HOW MUCH IS THE BOOKING DEPOSIT? 50% of the full amount (and 75% for international and out-of-state clients) is required in order for me to save the date. If you book me a month or less prior to the event date, you will need to pay in full. A payment plan is also available upon your request.

WHERE IS YOUR MC HOSTING REEL? I'm working on it. What's so special about my role is that I have coordinated and emceed almost all of my clients' weddings. Therefore, I'm always running around. You'll be able to see a reel soon. 

I KNOW YOU’RE BASED OUT IN SOCAL BUT ARE YOU AVAILABLE FOR TRAVEL? I AM PLANNING A DESTINATION WEDDING IN LOS ANGELES/ORANGE COUNTY, BUT I LIVE IN ANOTHER CITY, STATE, AND COUNTRY. CAN YOU HELP ME? Absolutely! Fun fact, a third of my clients are located out-of-state or live all over the world. With the right technology in place, we can communicate and plan via email, FaceTime, and phone call. I am available for travel destination weddings and events as well. Please inquire more information in regards to my travel packages.

DO I HAVE TO PAY FOR A CONSULTATION WITH YOU? No. Our meeting consultation will always be complimentary. 


  • A significant change in guest attendance. For instance, at the time of the contract being signed, you expected 80 guests to attend but this number has quadrupled. If that's the case, please let me know as there will be an additional charge.

  • Your florist backed out last minute and you need someone to do the floral arch. While I do wear many hats and can decorate your wedding alter, there are a few instances in which I cannot replace the hands of a professional in their field. Be very picky with whom you decide to hire. Sometimes it's telling when a package offering is below the market value.

  • You've hired me to execute day-of management but you later ask me to complete tasks that are outside of what I'm contracted for. Some instances are: you wanted to pick my brains as far as which color linens to finalize on, negotiate contracts with other vendors, and etc. While these tasks may be minimal, they can also add up so please be mindful of this.

DO YOU DJ AS WELL? ARE YOU WILLING TO WORK WITH OTHERS? No, I am not a DJ. I wish I can spin the table but you know what? Teamwork makes the dream work. I have partnered and worked with the best DJs, co-hosts, photographers, videographers, and other vendors, alike.

CAN YOU REFER ME TO OTHER VENDORS? Of course! I keep my preferred vendor list extremely short as they are my tried and true. A list of my selected vendors will be included in my welcome packet for you.

CAN YOU COORDINATE AND EMCEE MY WEDDING? In short, yes. However, I selectively only offer this combination package to 5 clients per year.

WHEN ARE YOUR BUSIEST MONTHS? I am typically completely booked during these following months: March, April, June, July, September, and October. Please inquire early if possible.

HOW DO I GET IN CONTACT AND BOOK YOU? You can reach me by filling out the contact form through this website. I will get back to you in 48 hours or less. 

OKAY, SO WHAT IS A "DAY OF" COORDINATOR: WHAT IT IS, WHAT IT ISN'T, AND WHY YOU'D BE SO HAPPY YOU HAVE ONE! Let's be honest, maybe you love DIY-ing or perhaps you might not have the budget to hire a full-service planner. On average, a wedding takes approximately 250 hours to plan. A coordinator will save you time spent planning as well as confirm your vendors, design a timeline, direct your rehearsal, and be there to make sure that you are enjoying a totally stress-free day! I will also be logistically focused and available to you to get everything organized as you lead up to the day of the wedding. The package is essentially designed for the couple who have completed most of the planning themselves. it is the couple’s role to make sure that their hired vendors know that I am going to be a part of the coordination process. When picking this package, it is crucial that the couples are transparent about what their wants and needs are. Keep in mind, "day/month-of" are not full planners by any means; therefore, I am not responsible for other vendors that are not vetted by myself since I cannot stand by their professionalism. This means that if the DJ ignores your music selection or the cake is the wrong color, I will try my best to resolve any last minute changes but I can only do so much. Ultimately, having someone there to run behind-the-scenes is priceless. Your venue will provide you with a venue coordinator but they work for the venue, not for you. The biggest benefit? You'll have a peace of mind when all the details come together as you've dreamed of.

CAN’T I JUST HIRE A FRIEND OF MINE TO DO WHAT YOU DO? Like you, your friends & family members will want to enjoy your special day and celebrate with you rather than working your event. I’d highly recommend hiring a professional to help manage and executive your vision.

DO YOU HAVE OTHER SPEAKING EXPERIENCES? I graduated my high school as the school district's baccalaureate speaker, competed and won 3 speech competitions, shadowed KTLA5's veteran entertainment reporter, led dozens of public speaking and tech seminars, and fundraisers. I've hosted the Los Angeles Short Films Festival and tech seminars at the WeWork space.

WHAT IS YOUR USUAL ATTIRE? Formal or semi-formal. If it's a Vietnamese wedding, I can wear an ao dai, upon your request.