"I want you to meet Khanh---the hardest working girl I know." tumblr_n1ofvh64J51rogf8vo1_500

You can only imagine how I felt when I heard those words. 'Hardest working,' he said. I sat in the back seat with the biggest smile on my face. Thankfully, he couldn't see my expression or else he would have known that I was blushing like a little four year old girl. It was very nice to hear such compliment because I know that there's a validity to it. You know, I've always taken so much pride in my ethics and drive,  often times I would forget that there will always be people to remind me of the person that I really am. So when these instances do occur, I take their words to heart and this is the type of positivism that keeps me going. This is the reason why I wake up every morning--day in and day out. It has been awhile since I've felt that warm presence from another person and it feels good.

Thank you for making my day :)