Weekly Update:

4:10 AM. Phew, I have ten more minutes to sleep in. 4:17 AM. Why is my alarm not going off yet?

4:25 AM. Oh, there it is.

Reluctantly, I dragged myself out of bed and proceeded with my usual morning routine which includes playing my favorite Pandora station, making my bed, checking my social media networking sites, replying to emails while eating a protein-filled breakfast. It’s not that I don’t enjoy my early wake-up calls; however, I was quite tired this morning. Yesterday alone, I finished two essays, worked out, went to a three-hour night class, and dashed to the parking structure for a full set run-through. Today, I have KTLA5, a small lunch break, Lionsgate, networking mixer, Presents for my brother’s fraternity, and dress rehearsal for this weekend’s talent show. Phew* Let me just take a moment to soak all of that in.

Back to my bi-weekly update:

  • I’m slowly becoming a worse texter---perhaps, I’m even on my way to become a borderline bad texter.
  • I’m nonchalant about almost all aspects of my life (career, fitness, and education excluded).
  • I’ve learned how to cultivate my own happiness through changing my perspective on the daily.
  • What keeps me going: bliss, playfulness, clarity, focus, good energy, and bananas. I’ve been eating a lot of bananas.
  • While receiving unexpected texts and embarking on impromptu night life adventures carry a fair share of feel-good emotions, a nice cup of crème-packed coffee at 3 PM in the afternoon can bring me just as much joy and fulfillment.
  • My fingers are secretly tethered to my smart phone and iPad. Someone please find me an anecdote.
  • My body only needs to two things in order to recover from a long day: power naps and Korean dramas.
  • I have zero tolerance for people who: 1) do not demonstrate social etiquette 2) do not respect other people’s times 3) do not respect my time 3) only shows interest in getting to know me only after learning more about the career I’m pursuing 4) suddenly starts caring
  • To add on to the previous point, I have no trouble demonstrating my lack of amusement when I am with company I don’t necessarily enjoy (which is rare…but it happens)
  • I have far greater appreciation for my best friend, Steven. Despite of his busy work schedule, he still finds time to ask me about my day. Quite frankly, he's even more excited for my graduation than I am. And when he's not too busy making fun of my #forevermarriedtohercareer life, he's actually cracking a couple of jokes or two.

Happy Thursday everyone!