My Morning Routine

Lesson 1: "The state of your bed is the state of your head." One of the greatest tips I've learned this past year is that in order to maintain a positive attitude, I must begin my day by doing something positive. For me, on days when I work, it would be making my bed. Like any other habit, it's a tangible means in which I have complete control over. While I notice that most of my friends enjoy lounging around and pressing the snooze button a couple of times, I, on the other hand, would typically take several deep breathes, meditate, and proceed to start my morning as soon as possible. People always ask me how I am able to do what I do. Well, for starters, I would tell them this: make your bed. I've been doing it every since I was six years old and it has not changed since I've graduated from college.

Lesson 2: "Think in the morning" - William Blake 

On weekends, I would pull up my iPad (not my phone) and read. News stories. Feel-good. Transcripts. Blogs. Reading is a keystone habit of mine. A catalyst in many ways. While I am all about a healthy body, I also feel strongly about a healthy mind.

Here are a list of successful people who also read in the morning :

And if you're too lazy to click on the link, the list includes Bill Gates, Obama, and Warren Buffett (just to name a few).

Lesson 3: Push ups, push ups! 

I love being active. Although I don't go to the gym every single day, I try to squeeze in at least 100 push-ups on my rest days and a cup of green tea in order to jump start my metabolism. Not only does exercise increase my mental acuity and energy level, it definitely sets the tone for what's to follow.

I am not asking everyone to imitate my morning ritual, however, I do want to fill people in on the central objective of this post which is to encourage others to start their day in a positive and productive manner. Rarely do I sleep in or wake up cranky. Believe me, I have tried rejecting my natural body's adaptation to early morning wake up calls but I have found that rather rejecting it, I should embrace it. As of right now, I could not even begin to describe to you how happy and great I feel about both mentally and physically. I've realized that my habits has slowly changed over the past year or so and it feels as though I have finally found my happy place.

So Happy Wednesday, everybody! Enjoy the rest of your day!