Secret Guide to Tell If I Like You

I am probably one of the worst liars I know. If you ask me a question, I will tell you the truth or at least, what I know to be the truth. For example, a month ago or so, a guy I was semi-talking to asked me if I liked him. I told him without any hesitation, "I like you. I just don't know you long enough to like you like that." Yeah, there's a beauty that comes with the no bullshit policy. No one should make time for it. It is not only out of respect for you, but also out of respect for our mutual friendship. But with that said, you can most likely always be able to tell if I enjoy your company...simply by observing my nonverbal behaviors. But in any case, if you're unable to catch on to those subtle cues of mine, here's a guide to help you tell if I sincerely do like you. 1) I'll ask a lot of questions. I'm curious about you. Intrigued by you. Enlightened by you. All the more reason for me to ask you a couple of non-generic questions. For the most part, our conversation will flow naturally and you will not even realize that I'm sorta conducting an informal interview, while simultaneously storing the data and information for future references. But if that does happen, it's because one) it's what I want to do for a living and you're currently my guinea pig (Future talk show host right here) two) I want to get to know you better. What you have to say is important to me.

2) I'll eat slower. I'm a fast eater. I always have been. However, if you're someone who can carry on a conversation without my help, I will more than often slow down the rate of my eating by nearly 60%. You'll already be done with your meal before I even touch a quarter of my dish.

PS As a big time foodie, you should know you're someone special when I'm more interested in you than the food at the table.

3) I will ask you to join me on activities that I would normally do by myself.

Movie premieres. Fancy schmancy invites. Watching Disneyland's fireworks. Driving on the freeway at night.

4) There will be silence during our hangouts. But it will feel more pleasant than awkward.

I'm so comfortable with you that silence seems perfectly golden when we're together. You'd respect my need for solitude and with that, we can still do our separate thing (ie. reading, online surfing, etc.) without saying a single world to each other.

5) I will be the person to say "let's do this again soon" and actually make it happen.

My best friends know this about me, but my Google Calendar is my holy grail. Every appointment, interview, meeting, gym session, dinner, vacation, date is scheduled or will be scheduled on my Google Cal. If your name is on there, I hope you know that I will make it my priority to spend time with you. Because our time together matters.

6) When I spread myself too thin with different areas of my life and you ask me if I'm doing okay, I'll tell you the truth. "No, I'm not."

I won't be afraid to be myself around you even if that means my guard is down and admitting to you that I've hit a major roadblock.

7) You meet and get to know my friends. My best friends and loved ones are my diamonds. I have around 15, family not included. They are rare, exquisite, and valuable human beings. Therefore, I do not like to introduce to them someone who holds no potential for permanence in my life. Only one person met all of my friends (my first love), while the other met my entire extended family (Summer; refer to this post if you want to know who I'm talking about-- So 2 in total.

8) I will tell you about my dreams.

I'll talk endlessly about my struggles, the time I failed, the people who doubted me. You will know about my journey and what has helped shaped me into becoming the woman I am today. I will let you in on the secret to my successes and failures. At this point in time, you probably have empowered me enough for me to share with you my most prized possession---my dreams.

9) You will always get a compliment from me, whether you realize it or not.

I will tell you repeatedly how grateful I am to have someone amazing as you in my life. I will say that your tie looks great on you. I will let you know that you've inspired my writing. There will be nothing but positive words that come out of my mouth when it comes to talking to you or about you.

I hope this post allows you to get to know me a little bit better. I'm extremely picky when it comes to friendships, relationships, networks, but that's only because I already have incredibly uplifting people in my life. It's not to say that I despise you if I don't do these certain things, but this list is pretty accurate and applicable for me (:

Have a good Friday, everyone!