Goodbyes are Never Easy

Two weeks ago, one of my best guy friends told me there's a possibility he would be moving to Boston for a job opportunity within the public health sector; something he has always strived towards. I remember sitting down, feeling extremely shocked and proud because I knew that this bold move could be a life-changing step for him. Having being friends since Junior year of high school, I known for a long time that he was capable of so much more. It might sound kind of cheesy, but it's true. Even then, I didn't anticipate the change to be taking place so soon; hence, I pushed the thought aside until the big game between USC vs. ucla this past Saturday. It was late afternoon when I received a text message from him that read,"I'm going to break rivalry for this text to tell you that I'm going to take up the offer in Boston and they have delayed my start date to the beginning of the year. I will probably fly out on January 1st."

I couldn't believe what I was reading. The mere picture of having to say goodbye to one of the most influential people in my life scared me. In a way, I just didn't want things to change but of course, I know better than to be selfish with the people I care about. I told him exactly what was going on in my head and with that he replied, "I'm sorry. But no matter how far we are from each other, you are one of my best friends and when you take a job, we can all travel together. I'll be back. I just need to go chase my dreams."

At that very moment, I tried as hard as I possibly could in order to keep myself composed and not cry like a baby. It's almost that same feeling that a mother gets when she sends her child off to college. Yes, it feels extremely bittersweet, but it's not like I haven't done it before. My best friend is at Mountain View working for Google. My other good friend will be residing in New York for a couple of years. I should get used to it by now, right? Nope. I don't think I can, but at the very least, I know that this is for the best and I'm a big girl. I can handle it.

Looking back at these past couple of years, I realize that I have been so fortunate to keep incredibly uplifting people in my life. While I don't have a significant other, I have no problem declaring to the world that Khanh has the ultimate men in her life. David is one of them and on the last weekend of December, we will have our very last bro night of 2014 together with our other musketeer, Brian.

I can't promise you that there won't be tears, but I am at peace knowing that this is not a good-bye but an I'll see you later.

Best of luck to you, my friend.