2014 In A Nutshell

I'm back, guys! And Happy New Year to you all! 2014 has truly been one of the most life-changing years of my entire life. I've loved, lost, gained, and learned. Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we? January 

I rang in the year with Emily, Willy, and Jesse. Although we've all been friends for years, this was the first time we ever went to an official rave event together. Also, White Wonderland was where I received my first New Year's Eve kiss in two years from my good friend of six years. Thanks, Jesse!

A couple of days after, I received a phone call from KTLA5 and pretty soon, I went in for an interview. I left the studio with a huge congratulations packet from the company for accepting their prestigious spring internship.


I made my very first national television debut while continuing my work at Lionsgate for their fitness channel on Youtube.


For Valentine's Day, I surprised five of my girl friends with fake roses (because they never die), my best friend with a bouquet of assorted flowers, and a homemade card. I wanted to show them how much I truly appreciate their endless love and support.



This was definitely an exciting month for me. My pledge bro from Stanford escorted me to my very last sorority formal and I got to welcome not one, but two little sisses to the best sisterhood ever. Yay, Deltas!


My sorority and I did an entire Beyonce-filled set for the Asian Greek Council Talent show and I got to MC the whole thing! #yonce



I received a diploma from University of Southern California Annenberg as a Communication major with a specialization in Entertainment. It really was the most important day of my life (thus far) Thank you to all of my beautiful friends for flying, driving, and skipping work that day. I love you guys so much!

Fight On, Trojans!



I went to my 2nd Electric Daisy Carnival with my best friends and celebrated one year with my amazing Stanford big bro. I took an offer for freelancing at ABC7 and even got to do my very first bridesmaid toast ever! (Speaking in Vietnamese is a lot harder than you think!)



I hosted the annual Los Angeles Shorts Film Festival. Next to some of the actors and volunteers, I was the youngest person there.


My mother surprised me with a trip back to the Motherland. I got to visit the extended family, see my younger sisters, travel to all different parts of Vietnam, and even find myself a little bit of romance.


Also, I got to celebrate my 22nd birthday with ALL of my best friends. Thank you for celebrating yet another year with me, guys.



Met my childhood crush, Zac Efron at his private film shoot. I fan-girled so hard.


When nights turned into mornings and strangers became friends.


USC beat Notre Dame.

This was a very important self-reflection month for me. I decided that I would eat Vegan twice a month from now on out.



This year, I wanted to do something different and by that, I mean I ended up celebrating 2014 for three straight days. The first two was spent in San Diego with the most amazing group of people. As for the last day of 2014, I got to be with Danny and my overly-protective little bro, Jeff. No one spoils me more than them.

And although I had to make him wait, our midnight kiss was perfect. Happy 2015!

Overall, I can say that I had a pretty successful year. I met so many people, lost a couple along the way, but I've learned so much from each and every single new experiences. So I wanted to conclude this post by thank you for reading my blog and for giving me your feedbacks/thoughts. I am able to evolved as a person and as a writer because of your support so thank you.

As always, you know I love you. Fight On!