Using Technology to Enhance My Relationships

I kept scrolling and scrolling, until my thumb started to hurt. Instagramming is merely one example of how addictive web applications can be. Why? It takes such minimal effort. All you have to do is scroll. While I, along with millions of other daily users are addicted to these kind of things, it has definitely made me question the roles of technology and how it has not only mobilize different communities but also make things (as well as people) even more transparent. Do I dread it? Not really. Do I love it? Sure, but not all of the time. I've always read articles on how the proliferation of technologies has impacted social and human interaction. I also know that we all like to make it a point by blaming our phones for keeping us distracted and decreasing our already short-lived attention span; however, it is still our own responsibility to monitor and control our usage. That is why I like to make it a mission this year to only utilize technologies for good. This means no texting at the dinner table. No scrolling on dates. No phone calls (unless it's something urgent). No swiping (Heh). I know, you're probably laughing at my ludicrousness, but I'm trying here. I really am. As we are embarking through this social revolution together, it has become even harder to define what is "socially" acceptable or not. For instance, I went to the gym a couple of weeks ago with my guy friends when they gave me their phones and asked me to swipe for them. You can probably guess which web application they were using. Four years ago, if this were to happen, I would have automatically responded with, "Wow. Rude!" However, in this particular age and time, I gladly took their devices and proceeded to swipe through a plethora of beautiful women. -I'm guilty, I know-

So for 2015, a goal or resolution of mine is to develop and sustain more meaningful relationships at home, at work, at social gatherings, and etc. Technology will undoubtedly allow me to do that. More connections, more friendships, more communication. However, it should be a tool for me to enhance my connections with the online community, not deter my actual social skills and ability to initiate a real conversation with someone. Rather than distracting myself with more shallow pursuits (ie. Tindering), I will make a conscious effort in strengthening old and new friendships. Surely the architecture of our brains has been manipulated so much by these different mediated tools; however, if I utilize it correctly and efficiently, it can only help accelerate my already established network.

Wish me the best of luck! And as always, Fight On!