Good-Bye, Felipe

It's 12:15 AM on a Wednesday morning. I've had a very long and tiresome day. The only thing that would make it better is if I get to listen to some progressive house music, chat with some of my girl friends, read a couple of articles, and call it a day. Of course, life likes to throw random surprises at me and today, it just so happens to be a Facebook message sent from a guy I have not talked to or kept in touched with for six years or so. When I met this person way back when, I barely even talked to him then. We were at a conference and our conversation lasted no longer than two minutes. You know how I mentioned somewhere in my blog that I could hold a conversation with just about anyone? Okay, I lied. I'm an approachable person and this is not the first time I've received a random message from a person. While I would love to give him benefit of the doubt, under these circumstances, I couldn't help but to question his intent.

1) It is midnight. Why would you want to catch up with someone you haven't talked to in years this late at night?

2) You're asking me about my life, my educational pursuits, and etc. How are these things of any relevance to you?

3) My god. I have never clicked on your Facebook profile prior to today. But based on your mini profile picture display, it seems as though you're in a relationship with someone. Do you think she'll be okay with this?

There's nothing I respect more than people who are in committed relationships. I've been a girlfriend once before so I know how important it is to respect boundaries and non-negotiable conditions. However, it upsets me when people think it's excusable to conduct such behaviors behind their partners' back. In this particular case, the person continued on to ask me questions about my life, in which I politely answered and later ended the conversation quickly before I became a ruthless bitch. I'm not a person who supports disloyalty, dishonesty, and morally reprehensible behavior whatsoever, but things like this or when I catch a dude (I say dude because they're not men in my eyes) staring right at me while holding hands with their girls...I have this sudden urge to punch them where I know it hurts. Sadly, I hold it in every time.

Tonight, I don't want to go to sleep feeling agitated, so the best way for me to release some of these emotions is to simply write it down. So thank you for bearing with me here. But for those men out there who think it's okay to hit on other people when they are already in a relationship, I hope you know that you have picked the wrong girl to turn to. For me to dismiss any basic tenants of a relationship would mean that I have betrayed my ethical code---something I would never (and when I say never, I really mean never) do. My advice to you? Find another mean to rid your emotional dissatisfaction. I refuse to be your solution.

Bye, Felipe.