Why I Will Not Take You to See President Obama

What happens when you're caught up in the midst of graduation-prep madness and people start to pop back into your life? But not because they've missed you or wanted to see how you were doing, but because they needed something from you. Perhaps, it is for a small favor. Perhaps, it is something profession-related or at times, personal. Whatever it is, I'm sure most people can relate to me---one way or another. While I, myself, have tried to avoid these situations altogether, I embarrassingly admit that I have failed miserably. Don't get me wrong. I am not against reconnecting with old friends, but nothing's more irritating or preposterous than a person who suddenly reaches out to me when they're in dire need of something. Arguably, the initial conversation is just plain awkward. Presumably, I would try to condense the conversation by coming up with some lame excuse such as: 'I'm good and you? Actually, I have to go now. Ttyl.' And so nowadays, I am much more guilty with replying in a less timely fashion. It's even safe to say that, at times, I dread looking at my phone because I despise the idea of having to deal with these type of things. Here is an example of the type of messages I receive on the daily:


What I wanted to say to this person (and many others) is this: "Do I look like fairy godmother to you?' But of course, I usually end up placing my initial thoughts into a Khanh-verbal filter machine which transform my brutally raw statement into some mediocre response.

Not too long ago, I read a statement by an anonymous writer who wrote, "Souls that use and abuse others become focal points of negative energy directed at them by the souls they used." I couldn't agree with him/her more. What I need to do [now] is to detox myself of such negative people. What I mean by detox is that it's time for me to burn bridges. Two years ago, I would have tolerated anything and everything that bothered me. In a way, I felt a certain moral and social obligation to reply to everyone who took the time to reach out to me. Now, in retrospect, I realized that it has made me all the more unhappy and irritated. With such genuine and accountable people around me, the bad seems to look worse and the good seems to look even better. Long story short, I will leave this post with one final quote: "If a man will not work, he shall not eat."

Aka If you can't find a means to go see President Obama, don't expect me to find it for you. Aka if you wanted to talk to me and to display some sort of interest, this type of initiation is beyond unimpressive and uncreative on your end #Icannolongertakethisbullshit