It's Raining, It's Pouring

tumblr_n1qftcryLl1qa97k2o1_1280 'Can this day possibly get any worse?' I thought to myself as I head out of my apartment with an umbrella in one hand and the other guiding my bicycle. And the answer is, 'Nope. Nothing beats biking to school in the rain.' Maybe I was being a little bit dramatic, but let me tell you about all the things that went wrong today. So while I thought that my professional 14 years of cycling meant that I could endure such weather, I was wrong. Not only did it rain extremely hard, the wind also wanted to play. Of course, my umbrella ended up flying backwards and my wheels were going out of control. I barely made it to class on time (I dislike tardiness) and what do you know, I was drenched from almost head to toe. The same thing happened when I tried to bike to improv and it didn't help that all of the traffic lights stopped working. If you guys can take one thing away from this, it's that my life is not always all rainbows and butterflies. I deal with the weather the same way many spoiled Californians would. I face bad hair days, rejections, and some strange bug bite that blew up half of my neck. And today, I just happened to undergo all three things (and more, but I'll just leave it at that).  In summary,  I can say that there has been better days. Instead of complaining to my friends, I decided to do something productive by changing my mentality about this so-called 'storm.' And so my new approach is this: Khanh, you can't control everything in your life. Although I'm sure that sounds pretty darn fantastic in your head, it's okay for mishaps to happen. If anything, it just means that Buddha didn't favor you over other people---who may or may not be dealing with more awful circumstances. Wait, am I speaking in third point of view right now? Yeup, you bet. I am happy to say that with this mindset, I was able to be completely productive with my time.  I went to every single one of my classes, worked out for an hour and a half, took a 75 minute Zumba class, and of course, ended my night by watching the latest episode of my current obsession, The Bachelor.

So here's to everything that didn't go my way.

Moral of the Story: Rain or shine, wake up, dress up, and show up.