Spring Break: Expectations vs. Reality

Expectation: The four hour drive to another state is going to be incredibly long and arduous. Bottom line: Nothing's great about sitting on your butt for four hours and not be active. 

Reality: When you're with people you love, four hour passes by. My first trip to Vegas was incredible. My friend Emily and I would switch off and Stacey did an incredible job with keeping me awake. Now I know that my career and school may consume me from time to time so long drives like these are a great way to just simply get away from the getaway. Why? My friends and I get to talk about life, love, career, family, and etc. We were bumpin' and grindin' to these so-called ratchet and EDM songs with absolutely no stress, expectations, or worries. The wind was blowing in our faces (Hello, sex hair) and the long boring road gave us chances to reflect on what's important: the little things. On my way back from Vegas with my best friend Alanna, I spent a good twenty minutes poking my head out of the window to look up at the sky and stare at the stars. The beautiful stars. It's hard to spot them when you're living in such a polluted city. No worries, Los Angeles. I still love you. And as cheesy as it may sound, it really made me appreciate how beautiful nature really is. There's just something so romantic about watching the sky transition from being bright and sunny to the perfect pink/purple-ish hue.

Expectation: Day club = time to find another person in tip-top shape and see where will go from there ;) #thatSingleLife

Reality: If there are creepers at the night club, what makes you think that there will be no creepers at the day club? Six pack aside, sometimes it's just so hard to run away from these non-wanted specimen. Also, being in the pool doesn't make it that much easier. It just makes things a little bit more awkward because they are standing inches from your face with practically little clothing on. The rule is that a) you simply reject their desperate cries by saying that you're just not interested or b) they really try to get to know you and now suddenly you're no longer a college student from Cali but a weird girl from Florida with no ounce of interest in pursuing men

Expectation: Europeans.

Reality: Sexy, subtle accent? Check. Hot bod? Check. Single? Check. What's not to love when I get to be right in the arms of a European. The cons? I realize that I have a type and anyone who doesn't fall under that type just doesn't cut it for me. Also, you can't force chemistry no matter how solid the person's abdominal is.

Expectation: What? Another bachelor's party? Why not.

Reality: The reality is that a bachelor's party is always a good party. Why? You don't get to just talk to one person. No. There's a whole batch of eligible men that comes with that one party. Cons? There's a high chance that one of them might be: 1) Taken 2) Is a dad 3) Just plain weird or even worse 4) Canadian (Inside joke with the girlfriends*)

Expectation: What is sleep?

Reality: Both times, I went in to the trip with the mindset that sleep is essentially for the weak. Boy was I wrong. The girls and I ended up taking several power naps in between playtime and let's just say, we were able to survive for a reason. Thank you, sleep.

Expectation: I'm going to diet and not eat anything so I can actually rock this damn bikini.

Reality: I really don't give myself enough credit to realize that going to the gym consistently will pay off (for good reasons). Diet or not, I felt great. We all felt great. And also, who cares what others think as long as you and your girlfriends are having the time of your life dancing to Steve Angello and Lil Jon?

Expectation: Emily has her sunblock. I'm safe.

Reality: Nope. I'm two shades darker and my butt was completely burnt. Pro? Nice tan. Con? It sucks to sit down.

Expectation: What happens in Vegas, please let it stay in Vegas this time.

Reality: If you really were curious, I didn't "hook up" with anybody. So much for that #yolo lifestyle, right? Wrong. I met a nice group of girls from Norcal who invited me to visit them in Santa Cruz. I was, once again, the one girl in a group of 8 fun and carefree guys. We talked, connected, laughed, and danced. I even met a person who loves basketball, lifting, and nerd-ing it out as much as I did. Oh and he's a Trojan. All I can say is that I did Spring Break right and this is by far one of the most craziest Spring Breaks since....well, ever. But at the end of the day, I am just grateful to be back in California and to know that I have seven weeks to do even more amazing things. Here's to my last semester at SC. Fight on!