You, You, You. You all inspire me.

20140307-083758.jpg Yesterday evening, after work at Lionsgate, I went to visit my best friend at Hulu because it was his second to last day before moving up to NorCal for his new job. I know I've spent countless of posts writing about how much this man has inspired me, but that's only because it is the absolute truth. He has changed my life with the drive and focus that he has instilled in me. As cheesy as it sounds, I got teary yesterday when I sat down with him and reflected on our journey together.

People always make the assumption that I always have had it easy. 'It's because you're so sociable. It's because you're friendly. It's because you're pretty.' Allow me to tell you that my social skills were derived from years of knowing what it's like to be a shadow and an outcast. My friendliness stems from my understanding of people's challenges and some of things they are faced with each day. My so-called 'beauty' is something I will never understand, but have recently decided that the love that I have for myself is the most beautiful thing of all. While I am incredibly flattered by each and every single one of the compliments I've received, I learned that what drives me goes beyond words. It's actions. It's the way someone pushes me when I am at the bottom of the well. It's the smile. It's the hug. It's the pat on the back. It's the way someone looks at me whenever I accomplish something worthwhile as well as the many times when I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. You know, it's the 'I-know-you-will-be-okay kind of look' that I absolutely dread and love at the same time.

So I thanked him. I thanked him for believing in my dreams. I thanked him for seeing my potential. I thanked him because he has molded me, but he's not the only person I am grateful for. Every so often, I would receive out of the blue kind of messages from people and they would tell me how inspired they have become. Whether it's my love for fitness or my passion for the arts, somehow...someway...someone out there is inspired by all of that. Therefore, I would like to take this moment and let those people know that I am extremely grateful for all of those kind words and support. I've had so many dreams and to think that something as simple as being able to exercise or hang out with me is on one of your to-dos. That's amazing, thank you. Thank you for letting me be your inspiration for you are mine. Together, let's be better, let's do better.

Let's keep this positivism going.