Guy Friends vs. Girl Friends

According to my girl friends, a lot of guys are intimidated to approach and introduce themselves to me for several reasons. 1) I have a RBF -resting bitch face- 2) I'm surrounded by a lot of girls 3) I'm surrounded by a lot of guys. A couple of days ago, an old friend of mine walked up to me and asked me if I had a boyfriend. I told him I was single and he looked rather surprised. "Wow. Really? But I see you posting so many photos with all these guys." What he said was true. I do have a lot of pictures taken with guys, but that's not the only the truth. I also have a lot of photos with the girls, with food, and of myself. It only seems like there's an abundance of photos with me and said 'X' number of guys but that's only because I, myself, am a guy's girl.

I love sports.  I play sports. I love being active. I love the outdoors. My guy friends and I share a lot of the same interests. On the other hand, I also enjoy everything girly. I love getting dolled up, having impromptu photoshoots, dancing on tables, and etc. I was in a sorority while I attended college and I also love surrounding myself with intelligent and beautiful women. There is this misconception that just because a girl has more guy friends than girls then she must have had 'drama' or bad high school experiences, but that's not a sound argument whatsoever. I've had plenty of on and off friendships; however, what I have now is more grounded than ever before. So let's get some things out of the way.

1) I am not dating or romantically-linked with every person I take a photo with.

2) I prefer to hang out with a diverse group of people. I do not favor one gender over the other.

3) Any person who feels insecure because of the people I hang out with is obviously not for me.

I never felt the need to address this issue, but I have learned that social media can be extremely misleading for others and for myself. Am I supposed to [hashtag]justfriends each time I post up something new on my accounts? Should I really have to go into details about my interpersonal relationships? Why do people even care?

I wanted to started off this year by being unapologetically myself and so this post is a start. I hope you're able to learn something new about me today.

1) I love my girls 2) I love my guys. And that's all there is to it. If you're a guy and you ever come across a person similar to me, at the very least, you would know that she'll be able to kick it with your friends just fine. And shouldn't that be a good thing?