Keep the Good Ones

“You cannot expect to live a positive life if you hang with negative people.” - Joel Osteen

Energies are so contagious. I can't even begin to express to you how understanding the meaning behind this quote has impacted my life in so many ways.

Last winter, I spent a great amount of time observing my favorite celebrities while I interned at the morning news station. It was quite a fascinating experience to see these well known figures and their behaviors when there are  no lights, cameras, or crew around them. Through some casual conversations and questioning, I've learned that being a part of the business also meant that you need to pick the right eggs in your basket aka the people you want to be a part of your life. It's in our nature to rely on those we find dependable, willing, and honest; however, the industry breathes some magnificent people as well as some who aren't as great. Take a look at all of these famous figures for instance. There's a recurring trend with them keeping the same stylists, make-up artists, managers over the span of their careers. In a way and you probably know this, time has an incredible way of solidifying these roles that people play in our lives. I never realized how amazing it is for me to say that most of my close/best friends are people that have been in my life for 5+ years. I know it's not much compared to others, but it definitely means a whole lot for someone who has on and off friendships throughout the years.

Now I wouldn't say that I'm the best at anything; however, if I do get to pick one thing...I would tell you that I make a hell of a friend. Being a good friend is expected, but being an exceptional one is what I've always tried to aim for. When I was a Junior in college, I decided to pledge for a sorority with the sole intention of trying to find my bridesmaid(s). All it took was an alumni speech, presented by my future pledge mom/grand big,  for me to be more than ecstatic to hop onto that ever-so-exciting Greek life wagon. Sadly, despite spending a good amount of time with the girls, I can't say that I was able to succeed. Was I disappointed? Sure. Who wouldn't be? I loved them and cared for them, but I knew that despite being in the same org, we had different callings in life and that was perfectly okay. After several reflections and looking at things in an introspective manner, I've quickly determined that my decision in joining the sorority was not exactly a failure. In fact, I've gained so much from it. 1) I was able to determine who my real friends and sisters are. No three letters are able to justify the strong friendships that are already present in my life 2) The opportunity has allowed me to appreciate a diverse group of young women who shares different and sometimes the same interests as I do 3) I have not only met inspiring girls but I get to surround myself with the most communicative, loving, and supportive men (yes, I'm talking about you, big bros)

In college, most of my peers spent hours at Club Leavey (it's a library) studying for their next midterm exams while others spent time alternating between their educational pursuits and Thirstdays escapades. For me, my collegiate learning experience has been shaped by my professors, my classmates, and of course, my friends. Those years at USC has enabled me to socialize in all sorts of settings, manage my class/work/gym schedule, and establish lifelong network. The strongest and most prestigious network in the world, might I add. Like any relationship, these things require a conscious effort on both ends and in a world where we're all pulling at each other for attention, it's definitely nice to stay grounded with those who can still keep their feet on the ground.

I'm currently so in love with the people in my life right now. Can't you tell? Here's my act of appreciation and a simple way of showing them how grateful I am to have the most amazing support group anyone can ever ask for. I love you!