Motivational Mondays

I'm finally all caught up with my readings. Phew* I know I should not make it a chore to read, but I've really been behind. This weekend was extremely exhausting for me. On Thursday, I went to a local lounge and bumped into my middle school boyfriend who my gay friend thought was incredibly cute. Friday - we drove all the way to the American Apparel warehouse in Los Angeles, had a photoshoot and Korean BBQ #forthegainz. Saturday - another photoshoot then barhopped. And finally, Sunday, I got to relax in bed (for the most part) as well as killed my workout at the gym. Although my life has been moving a lot slower compared to my days at USC, I'm happy to say that I've transitioned really well. I'm having just as much fun, meeting different people every single week, and taking things step by step. One day at a time. I'm no rush to finish a particular race and more than ever, I'm really just enjoying and taking the present as it is. In addition, I have also adopted several habits that I would like to share with all of you.

1) Drink alcohol only twice a week (maximum)

2) Read before bed

3) Be in bed by 12:30 (on a weekday)

4) Avoid using my cellphone in between sets

5) Finish my green tea by lunch time

6) Use less cuss words while driving/in front of my little brother

7) Instagram less (lol)

I think these are absolutely doable. Yes, although they seem miniscule, I know that I should start somewhere and this, to me, is a good start.

Today was all sorts of productive, but I noticed that I was able to get everything done with an invisible timer constantly clicking right by my ears. Rather than focusing and finishing one task at a time,  I went back to my old multi-tasking ways and delved into a bunch of things at once. ie) checking emails, replying to text messages, listening to music, watching my daily talk show. I absolutely get it. I know not alone when it comes to these kind of things because chances are, we're probably committing the same felony. Does mean that we should plead guilty when we have tuition to pay off, dreams to chase, goals to accomplish? Yes and no. I think it's important here to look at our daily activities and find that balance between getting things done and maintaining our pursuit of happiness. While I'm sure we all aim to simplify our daily activities, we also often times tend to result in doing just the opposite. At least, that's what happens to me.

So in the end, it all boils down to this. "What would make a day more valuable to your intentions: twenty actions that moved you one foot closer to the change you’d like to see or five actions that moved you ten feet closer?"