Things You Learn When You're Sick

Day 3 of being sick - The really cool thing (and probably the only cool thing) about being sick is that I get to take a step back and reevaluate the friendships that are present in my life. I came across this quote earlier today and I kept replaying it over and over again. "Real friends are the people who are there when it counts." A couple of days ago, I received an overwhelming amount of text messages filled with, "Congratulations!" "So proud of you!" And it made me grinned like a teenage girl on the fourth of July. Since then, things began to shimmer down, which is awesome because I wouldn't be able to handle all of the excitement all while laying in bed, drugged up in cold medicine and Advil.

The last time I was ever this sick was 1.5 years ago while I was still at USC. I remember biking around campus with my little sis when I suddenly felt feverish and wanted to throw up. My little told me to wait for her at the lobby of her dorm apartment and ten minutes later, she walked downstairs and gave me a small care package. There was a Powerade, cough drops, cold medicine, and some snacks. I remember looking at the package and the expression on my little sis's face who looked way more concerned about me than I was about myself. It was one of those special moments when I thought to myself, "This is what it feels like to be loved."

Yesterday morning, I woke up with the biggest migraine. My body was warm even though I was still physically shaking from the cold air. I ended up skipping my usual meditation routine because I couldn't block out the external noise that was consuming my mind. It was all a bit too much for me. At around 5:20 PM I received a text from my girlfriend that said, "GF are you home? I'm going to come by to drop something off." Fifteen minutes later, she was standing right in front of my house with a carton of orange juice in one arm and warm chicken noodle soup in the other. I nearly wanted to cry out of happiness because a year and a half later, I felt that same warmth as I did the time my little sis handed me the package. Love--that was what I felt.

You know, it's always great to receive congratulations and hugs whenever you're lucky enough to deliver good news to your friends. However, it's in situations like these that really allow me to see who's actually there. The ride or die homies. Goes back to that good ole saying. True friends are there when it counts. Throughout the day, I would also receive messages from others who asked me how I was feeling and reminding me to take my medicine. It's funny how I'm actually considered an adult now, but in their eyes, they know that Khanh still needs a little push here and there. See that's the thing. True friends (or at least mine) would know that I'd somehow manage to neglect my health in every way possible. Ah, you guys are so amazing. Yes, Iv'e had better days, but it's days like these that still remind me of how great i really have it. This cold is no more than an unwelcome curveball, but I'm blessed for all the people who stayed with me regardless. I love you, guys.

Lesson from these past couple of days: true friendship can always be put to the test when in sickness and in health.