Yes to Progress

Lesson I’ve learned over the course of a couple of weeks or so – turn every negative into a positive. Incident #1(-): I got a cold sore breakout three days after my trip to Las Vegas

(+): I need to take care of myself better and apply lip balm with actual SPF

Incident #2(-) someone I thought I admired and could get along with ended up being the exact opposite

(+): Hardship is not a permanent situation and encountering bad people is just all part of the whole process.

Incident #3 – (-) It rained pretty hard as my friends and I drove to San Bernardino for DadaLand

(+) I learned how to ignore the fact that I was in an ugly yellow plastic bag and instead focus on the music and of course, dance in the rain

Within the month of June – July, I’ve lost weight, gained it back, and then lost it again. Sometimes, I would go home and I would feel a significant amount of stress. The journey to building my empire has been anything but easy and sure enough, I’ve spent a few nights imagining how my life would be had I walked away from it all.

It's always easier, am I right? To run away and not have to deal with the situation entirely. Though the thought have crossed my mind, at the end of the day, I'm not a quitter. The road, as uninviting and rough as it is, enables me to toughen it out and work even harder. It's hard and I completely get it. When the expectation and vision that we have for our future doesn't align with our reality, we can get a little impatient. It wasn't until I took a few steps back and breathed did I finally cut myself some slack.

I hope you understand that I've been struggling and although I complain every so often, I've never been hungrier for progress. However, progress (like many things in life) takes perseverance and time. So I hope you take some time today to press pause, reflect on your current situation, and know that this journey towards progress is only the beginning.

This is only my beginning.