Be More Than Ready for Your Wedding! Check Out These Best Tips & Tricks for a Stress-Free Day!



  • Create an inventory check list of all the wedding decor items you have purchased and write down exactly the quantity of items and where you’d like for it to go.

  • Seating Arrangements - Create a well-thought out seating for your guests. Try not to seat all of your younger guests on one side of the room and all of your older guests on the other. Be mindful of where the speakers are placed in the room since you don’t want the music to be blasting in people’s ears.

  • Gift Giving - To show your appreciation, you should plan on giving gifts to your wedding party, parents, and perhaps anyone who worked hard to make your wedding day meaningful. It’s the thought that counts!

  • Makeup - Book a make-up trial with your top two make-up artists! And remember to wear white so you can see have an idea of how your makeup will look while wearing the color white. Also, ask these artists to send you RAW/ untouched images of their before and after. Show them a picture of your dress and be open to them giving you their professional expertise!


If you do not have a coordinator or a wedding planner, make sure to send your final timeline in PDF format to ALL vendors at least one week prior to your event date. It’s best to finalize everything a week before (just to play it safe) so that you can avoid emailing your vendors last minute. And by vendors, I mean all of them.

Speeches - Aside from the Maid of Honor/Best Man speech, it’s a great idea for your parents to give a thank you speech before the dinner reception begins and for the bride and groom to also give a small toast after cake cutting. Speakers should take the time to create a short outline and practice reading it aloud so it sounds natural.

Wedding Rehearsals

You and your bridesmaids should practice holding the bouquet prior to walking down the aisle. Typically, it is held centered right around the belly button. Practice the speed of entrance, where you should be entering from, walking formation, and remind your bridal party to smile!

Music Selections

  • First Dance I recommend going into your first dance immediately after the grand entrance before the first course is served.

  • Parent Dances It is recommended to dance through the first chorus of the song but playing the whole song might be too long. Consult with your parents first in regards to this.

  • Bouquet/Garter Toss Bouquet - If you know that a lot of your guests are in a relationship or married, you may ask your emcee to announce ALL ladies to the dance floor so that no one is left out. Garter - You may choose one song for the garter removal and one song for the actual garter toss.

  • Song Selections Prior to your wedding date, send your DJ a set list of songs to play, songs/artists to avoid, and of course, finalize all song selections for the ceremony and evening reception.

On Your Wedding Day

Bring an emergency touch-up kit (Matching nail polish color for touch-ups, bobby pins, hairspray, makeup, hair tools, elastic bands. Breath mints, tweezers, blotting papers, tissues, clear nail polish, stain remover, floss, double sided tape, perfume, deodorant, safety pins, sewing kit, band-aids) Second pair of comfortable shoes!