Outdoor Eureka Wedding - #thengulyweds2019


Client Profile: Congratulations to Linda and Dong!

Venue: Eureka Building in Irvine, CA

Photography: Wildflower Photo & Co.


Be More Than Ready for Your Wedding! Check Out These Best Tips & Tricks for a Stress-Free Day!



  • Create an inventory check list of all the wedding decor items you have purchased and write down exactly the quantity of items and where you’d like for it to go.

  • Seating Arrangements - Create a well-thought out seating for your guests. Try not to seat all of your younger guests on one side of the room and all of your older guests on the other. Be mindful of where the speakers are placed in the room since you don’t want the music to be blasting in people’s ears.

  • Gift Giving - To show your appreciation, you should plan on giving gifts to your wedding party, parents, and perhaps anyone who worked hard to make your wedding day meaningful. It’s the thought that counts!

  • Makeup - Book a make-up trial with your top two make-up artists! And remember to wear white so you can see have an idea of how your makeup will look while wearing the color white. Also, ask these artists to send you RAW/ untouched images of their before and after. Show them a picture of your dress and be open to them giving you their professional expertise!


If you do not have a coordinator or a wedding planner, make sure to send your final timeline in PDF format to ALL vendors at least one week prior to your event date. It’s best to finalize everything a week before (just to play it safe) so that you can avoid emailing your vendors last minute. And by vendors, I mean all of them.

Speeches - Aside from the Maid of Honor/Best Man speech, it’s a great idea for your parents to give a thank you speech before the dinner reception begins and for the bride and groom to also give a small toast after cake cutting. Speakers should take the time to create a short outline and practice reading it aloud so it sounds natural.

Wedding Rehearsals

You and your bridesmaids should practice holding the bouquet prior to walking down the aisle. Typically, it is held centered right around the belly button. Practice the speed of entrance, where you should be entering from, walking formation, and remind your bridal party to smile!

Music Selections

  • First Dance I recommend going into your first dance immediately after the grand entrance before the first course is served.

  • Parent Dances It is recommended to dance through the first chorus of the song but playing the whole song might be too long. Consult with your parents first in regards to this.

  • Bouquet/Garter Toss Bouquet - If you know that a lot of your guests are in a relationship or married, you may ask your emcee to announce ALL ladies to the dance floor so that no one is left out. Garter - You may choose one song for the garter removal and one song for the actual garter toss.

  • Song Selections Prior to your wedding date, send your DJ a set list of songs to play, songs/artists to avoid, and of course, finalize all song selections for the ceremony and evening reception.

On Your Wedding Day

Bring an emergency touch-up kit (Matching nail polish color for touch-ups, bobby pins, hairspray, makeup, hair tools, elastic bands. Breath mints, tweezers, blotting papers, tissues, clear nail polish, stain remover, floss, double sided tape, perfume, deodorant, safety pins, sewing kit, band-aids) Second pair of comfortable shoes!

Outdoor Spring Rustic Wedding - #Hitched2Hammond

Client Profile: Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Hammond!

Venue: Ethereal Open Air Resort

Emcee: Khanh P. Duong

Photography: Faye Gedik Photography


Rustic Wedding in Trabuco Canyon - #VyvyandPat


Client Profile: Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. McNally!

Venue: Coto Valley Country Club

DJ & Lighting: McNally Enterprise

Fairytale Wedding in Pasadena - #KapasfortheNguyen

Their Proposal Story:

Cindy and Peter were celebrating their anniversary in Cabo San Lucas and little did Cindy know that Peter had something up his sleeve. Peter hired an event planner to surprise Cindy with a beautiful romantic private dinner on the beach.

Cindy did not know this private dinner at The Resort at Pedregal was planned for a proposal, but she was overwhelmed by the amount of thought and elegance that was put into it. When Peter finally proposed, Cindy was totally caught off guard and without hesitation said YES!

Client Profile: Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Kapas!

Venue: Castle Green in the heart of Pasadena, CA. Here’s a fun fact about this gorgeous historic venue -
Castle Green was built in 1898 as an annex to the resort Hotel Green. In the 1920’s it was converted into private residences and over the years has been called home to many artists, designers, musicians and collectors.

DJ: Prolific Productions (From the Bay Area)

Emcee: Khanh P. Duong

Coordinator: Debra

Dinner: Grilled chicken breast served with a citrus ginger glaze or a sizzling hangar steak in an espresso and peppercorn rub

Runa & Jay Say "I Do"

Client Profile: Congratulations to Jay and Runa! 

Venue: Venue by 3 Petals in Huntington Beach, CA

DJ: Radiate Productions

Cinematography: Xposure Films

Photography: Tin Photography

Fun Fact: My clients also celebrated their 5 year dating anniversary this weekend with all of their family and close friends as well as their lovely daughter Autumn. We had an ice cream and sorbet stand for the kids and an open bar/photo booth for the rest of the guests. Can we also just take a moment to appreciate the details of that beautiful chandelier?

Here are some behind the scene photos at the evening reception:


Le-Tiz Wedding: The Villa Westminster

Client Profile: Congratulations to my clients, Johnson and Lupita! 

Venue: The Villa in Westminster, CA

Guests: 280 guests

DJ: DJ Sergio

Fun Fact:  We started the evening cocktail hour at the Grand Salon, which was an open contemporary space where we set up the couple's photo booth, caricature stands, and two open bars. Since there were a lot of kids attending this wedding, we also set-up an a-y-c-e dessert bar that was fully stocked throughout the entire night. 

*All photos were taken by me*


"PhaBellas": Wedding: Hyatt Regency Hotel Orange County


Client Profile: Congratulations to my clients, Phillip and Bella! 

Venue: Hyatt Regency Orange County, Garden Grove, CA, USA

Guests: 300 guests 

Fun Fact: Bella and I competed in the Miss Vietnam of Southern California pageants (not in the same year)

Their love story:

From Phillip's perspective... with Bella's approval.

“Let’s give this a chance for 30 days. After that, shall we connect and decide if we should continue?”

If I were to write my own romantic love story… those would most likely NOT be the words for the main character to woo over his partner’s love… Life has written us a much better story.

Bella and I were 2 ambitious young individuals. We both placed high values in our family, career and community. Our schedules were filled with separate weekly activities, 3 months plans and 1-5 years goals. Our hearts are open but our calendars rarely do. If we had never met in person, the only chance of love for people like us would probably be online - much later - when we feel that we have “made it.”

Fortunately we did not have to wait that long to meet, nor did we meet online. But that was also a major problem. We met at work. At first it was mutual admiration and respect. As we spend more time together, I sense there was something more. I see the inevitable (unspoken work place romance) conflict and did everything to avoid it. At the same time, avoidance never seemed to be our style.

This brought us to the memorable meeting. I lay everything on the table for Bella: my thoughts, feelings and worries. We considered the risks and pondered the possibilities. Option A. Option B. Option C…etc. Bella even gave me the time to go on a 6 miles run to let everything sink in (not the brightest but I’m a very lucky guy). That evening, we decided to give love a chance and Discover What’s Possible. This was the biggest risk that I have taken in my life – yet it felt right because she is worth it.

Still - being in the typical risk management fashion of insurance people, we agreed to do some risk mitigation:

“Let’s give this a chance for 30 days. After that, shall we connect and decide if we should continue?”

We are fortunate to overcome several challenges together and continuing to “renew our terms” daily for the last 4 years. We are excited to embrace this upcoming arc of our lives where we transition from Working as a Two in a Team to Living as One Loving Family. In our continual journey of Discovering What’s Possible, Bella and I are thrilled and honored for you join us on our very Special Day that marks the beginning of this new chapter."



Stephen & Christina's Wedding - Mastro's Ocean Club, Newport Beach

This month, I had the honor of MCing a wedding for Christina and Stephen at Mastro's Ocean Club in Newport Beach. Last year, I MC'ed their cousin's wedding so you can only imagine how excited I was when Christina told me they were related. We were one month out when they contacted me so we had to coordinate and arrange everything rather quickly because of our tight deadline.

Right off the bat, Christina and I clicked right away, which is something very important to me---the more connected I am to you, the more I want to serve you and I'm a firm believer in putting 110% when it comes to my client's big day. We finalized everything just in time and I decided to switch things up by rewriting my wedding script for them.

Day of: I arrived at the venue at 5:30 PM and I could not have been more impressed with Mastro's. Beachfront restaurant, 4.5-star dining experience, valet, and delightfully, champagne greetings from the staff as soon as I stepped foot into the grand entrance. I immediately reached out to the General Manager, met the entire management team, scoped out the entire restaurant, introduced myself to the parents and bridal party, checked out the speaker system, and cued my pianist Anthony.

We decided that we were going to continue to let the bridal party do a complete walk-through during the Grand Entrance and that I would later lead the Bride and Groom. This was very different than the usual line-up that I was used to but it was so fitting for the setting.

What I really loved about this particular wedding was that sometimes guests can get a bit tired from all of the activities and games, but that wasn’t the case this time around. Mastro's provides such a magnificent dining experience -seafood tower, ribeye steak, lobster tail, lobster bisque, …- I felt like everyone just enjoyed each other's company, the live music, and the romantic atmosphere. We were a little bit behind schedule but somehow magically opened the dance floor at exactly 10:00 PM as planned. And THAT is what you call perfect timing. You can only imagine my biggest sigh of relief when I saw how much fun the guests were having on the dance floor.

I got home at midnight and still felt exhilarated from all of the energy in that room. Stephen and Christina was such a pleasure to work with. They were open-minded and so easy to work with. I left feeling so proud of myself for being able to be a part of their special day

Congratulations to the MANIACI'S.

Tony & Milli's Wedding - Tustin Golf Ranch

Milli is such a special client of mine. We met last February and after our initial consultation, we knew that we were going to be the perfect fit for each other. Her wedding didn't take place until Fall, which gave us plenty of times to coordinate and work together to make sure that her wedding day was going to be seamless. The day prior, she invited me to a small intimate ceremony with some of her closest friends and family She was even kind enough to extend an invitation to my boyfriend as well. 

Her wedding took place at the beautiful Tustin Ranch Gold Club in Orange County. The venue offered a beautiful backdrop of waterfalls and serene lakes. I cried at the ceremony (of course) and once more, when Tony and Milli had their first dance (go figure). The rest of the evening couldn't have been more perfect. Travis and I coordinated some of the playlist together, which included some traditional songs for the older guests and they loved it. 

At the end of the night, our bride and groom's parents thanked us for being a part of such an incredible occasion. Moments like these make my job feel so rewarding.

Venue: Tustin Ranch Golf Club

Wedding Coordinator/MC: Khanh

DJ: Trevor of Invisible Touch Events (a good friend of mine)

Florist: Better Choice Flowers

Photobooth: Bubbi Photobooth