"PhaBellas": Wedding: Hyatt Regency Hotel Orange County


Client Profile: Congratulations to my clients, Phillip and Bella! 

Venue: Hyatt Regency Orange County, Garden Grove, CA, USA

Guests: 300 guests 

Fun Fact: Bella and I competed in the Miss Vietnam of Southern California pageants (not in the same year)

Their love story:

From Phillip's perspective... with Bella's approval.

“Let’s give this a chance for 30 days. After that, shall we connect and decide if we should continue?”

If I were to write my own romantic love story… those would most likely NOT be the words for the main character to woo over his partner’s love… Life has written us a much better story.

Bella and I were 2 ambitious young individuals. We both placed high values in our family, career and community. Our schedules were filled with separate weekly activities, 3 months plans and 1-5 years goals. Our hearts are open but our calendars rarely do. If we had never met in person, the only chance of love for people like us would probably be online - much later - when we feel that we have “made it.”

Fortunately we did not have to wait that long to meet, nor did we meet online. But that was also a major problem. We met at work. At first it was mutual admiration and respect. As we spend more time together, I sense there was something more. I see the inevitable (unspoken work place romance) conflict and did everything to avoid it. At the same time, avoidance never seemed to be our style.

This brought us to the memorable meeting. I lay everything on the table for Bella: my thoughts, feelings and worries. We considered the risks and pondered the possibilities. Option A. Option B. Option C…etc. Bella even gave me the time to go on a 6 miles run to let everything sink in (not the brightest but I’m a very lucky guy). That evening, we decided to give love a chance and Discover What’s Possible. This was the biggest risk that I have taken in my life – yet it felt right because she is worth it.

Still - being in the typical risk management fashion of insurance people, we agreed to do some risk mitigation:

“Let’s give this a chance for 30 days. After that, shall we connect and decide if we should continue?”

We are fortunate to overcome several challenges together and continuing to “renew our terms” daily for the last 4 years. We are excited to embrace this upcoming arc of our lives where we transition from Working as a Two in a Team to Living as One Loving Family. In our continual journey of Discovering What’s Possible, Bella and I are thrilled and honored for you join us on our very Special Day that marks the beginning of this new chapter."