Get Excited!

Good-bye Sweater Weather! Hello, eenie bikinis and strawberry martinis! The weather was absolutely beautiful today. It’s as if Mother Nature wanted to give me a small taste as to how amazing summer is going to be. But why summer? The days feel longer. The sand feels warmer. And the produce is better than ever. For me, it’s about having a barbecue with my friends and their families, feeling the nice breeze by Huntington Beach, and drinking a chill glass of lemonade. Everything about it sounds inviting and let’s be honest here, I am all about the sun-kissed tans, spontaneous Vegas trips, and minimal clothing. (Insert #Californiagirl here) With graduation right around the corner, my favorite season is now hot on its heels and I've never been more excited. And since it’s my first post-grad vacation, I think it will be the perfect time to try new things. This includes: bachelorette party, commencement ceremonies, road-trips, late-night outings, 6 days a week gym sessions (LOL, I guess this is not that new), and Electric Daisy Carnival Pt. 2. I would like to see a little bit more of the world, appreciate old and new company, and perhaps, do something incredibly insane so that my forty year old self would thank me in due time.  I’m not completely unrealistic, I swear. It’s going to happen and I’m going to be one of the few people to say that I've truly done it all.

After talking to some of my friends who already stepped foot into “the real world,” I’ve noticed that their words of wisdom remained consistent. “Khanh, you’re going to miss it so much. Enjoy it while you can.” After some contemplation, I couldn’t help but to notice that this was the same thing they said to me in high school. And in junior high. And middle school. While I do take their words to heart, it does make me feel a little bit unsettling to embrace such attitude. Yes, I’m sure I’ll miss my days at USC (because who wouldn’t?) but that does not mean that I can’t enjoy my present. I’m not saying that life gets easier because that would be such a shame. I am, however, going to confidently say that the next chapter is going to be even better than the last. Why? Summer, of course. Then there are the struggles that come with job hunting, finding my identity, and being one step closer to my dreams. I’m looking forward to being financially independent, calling my own shots, and meeting people who will inspire me to change and succeed. It’s another chapter filled with pitfalls and heartbreaks, I’m sure. But the possibilities are limitless and the ending is mine to create. Quite frankly, there’s no better time than now. So get excited, get excited. Because you know I am :-)