My First Date in Over 2 Years

I've been single...or should I say embracing my independent-ness for awhile now (and I'm not about to go through my calendar and count the exact days since I've stepped onto this path) but it has been a good ride. By good I mean I've met some pretty cool people here and there, but the best part about all of this was that I had all of this me-time, which I absolutely enjoy. I did not need to check-in with people. I never had to text someone back, cater to their schedule, etc. The sense of individualism and free of commitment zone helped me thrive. I was free, alas. Before, I would blame my busy schedule for my lack of "time" but nowadays, I would like to rephrase it and say that it has never really been a priority for me. Other things consumed my thoughts and I like it like that.

But after two years and X something months, I finally went on my first date a couple of days ago.

The date was as follows:

He walked out of his car, did some awesome robotic move (he's a dancer) and then handed me a bouquet of red daisies. "These are for you," he said. Although I've received flowers in this past, this was the first time a man (who was not my BF) brought me flowers.

Anyway, the rest of the night went pretty well. We had a nice dinner, conversed, laughed, went out for dessert, and then he drove me back to my house since I was still suffering from jet lag. Overall, I had a great time. He was a complete gentleman. I don't have anything bad to say about him other than the fact that I knew he wasn't the one.

I know what you're going to say. 'Khanh, maybe you should give it a couple of more dates.' But let me tell you this. I've never been wrong before. My intuition usually tells me to do the right thing and the right thing to do in this case is to be appreciative of the kind gestures and end all communication just in case the other party gets the wrong idea. Either way, I'm happy I took the chance and said, "Yes" because it made me realize that there are actually a lot of great people out there. In spite of the hook-up culture and desensitization, the date somehow reminded me that romance and chivalry are not yet dead. That perhaps somewhere out there, I will be able to finally write another chapter of my life with someone else in it.

Until then :)